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  • 5 DAYS LEFT 🏁
  • The Ta2 muscle cars will be returning to the track soon
  • Anything could happen with 4 remaining rounds to go. This is how the teams stand coming into Bira race circuit.
  • Building up to rounds 7 and 8 at Bira race circuit the drivers are tightly bunched for the championship, check out your favourite driver.
  • Big thanks to Steve Fitzsimmons and Gaziano & Girling for your support. 🏆
  • Thank you "GARDINI" for your support 🏆
  • Thank you "Go Pro" for your support. 📷
  • A closer look at the latest addition to the TA2 Asia family, the brand new Mercedes driven by H.H. Prince Abdul Rahman Ibrahim, and H.H. Prince Abu Bakar Ibrahim for the first time at Bangsaen.
  • Our new pole position sponsor Gardini
  • The Ford Mustang Street car.wow.
  • Rafael Galiana is not only a racing driver but he has his own team in TA2, and also the supplier of Tecpro Barriers used at Bangsaen.
  • The ladies always complement the great looking cars
  • Winners of pole position, race one car 29, Jay Robotham and Paul Manuell were presented a cheque from Simon Gardini sponsor of pole position.
  • Close to the edge, the trials and tribulations of street racing. But the backroom staff have all the cars ready for the first race today. Brilliant.
  • The only lady driver in the TA2 Asia field Gaby Dela Merced driving the Mustang in the Ford colours
  • You don't know what you will find on the colourful street circuit
  • One of the best street circuit in the world Bangsaen. TA2 Asia Racing
  • Hairpin coner next to the pits, practice session for TA2 Asia
  • A hard and hot first practice session down at the beach in Bangsaen.
  • TA2 Asia practice at Bangsaen this afternoon